Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bailey gets her "L"

Yippee Bailey passed her L test and she can finally drive! Of course that is if Ballard or I or someone over 25 are with her at all times and she is only allowed one other person with either of us so we can't let her drive if we are both in the car seriously STUPID but whatever! She has to drive like this for a year and then she can go in and take her "N" test which allows her to drive by herself with one other person and a family member and she has to have her N for two years which is again frustrating but oh well she passed and we are super PROUD of her!!!!

This post is for Auntie Koe and KYLEE

So I was sooooo excited when P.G brought in a Childrens Place! We found the cutest little outfit for baby Zachary and well it was so cute I just had to show you right away Koe, because you know how our mail is! We also found cute surprises for Kyllee who's birthday is coming up we love you Kylee!! Happy Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I haven't posted anything of Bailey for awhile so I thought since she had some cute pics of her and her friends being goofy I would post them! I love the one of her and her friend Micheal showing Ballard that they are "TREE HUGGERS" ! And yep she is tiny enough to fit in her locker! and yep they are complete dorks......

taking time to post something

Well it has been awhile since I posted anything and if I had one wish it would be for more time and the ability to slow down but like that will ever happen lol!

We have had an interesting year so far I have worked in Edmonton and have worked on a lot of houses here in town, Ballard has been up North due to all the forest fires but at least he is one of the few working! Boy do we need RAIN! We finally got all of our food plots in and we have pick sticks till we are sick of picking sticks, we built a new tree stand which is really cool and I will take pictures later and post them Ballard is very proud of his tree stand! The kids have been fishing and just enjoying every moment of their summer Bailey is getting ready to write her L test so she can begin the task of trying to beable to drive what a pain this new system is! Brody is content to catch frogs and fish and is very glad Grandma Schumann is home!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

things I've been up too

So this past month has been busy I've laid ALOT of tile and grouted ALOT of tile and needless to say I am good for doing Tile work! But this past week my boss handed me a box of scrap slate tile and asked me if I would try and figure out something for this couples fireplace that had been sitting unfinished for years because they didn't know what to do so with only 15 full tile and alot of scraps and some Arizona rock viola a fireplace is born where once there was only plywood and this was not easy as the stove was not centered (which still drives me crazy) and nothing was square and yes that rock was heavy and lets just say hanging tile above your head is no easy task and yes I did curse but nobody was listening:)

Brody turns nine....

So another year has flown by and Brody has turn nine! I am so proud of him he has been doing so well in school and we have seen a huge improvement in his behavior he has finally settled the kettle as Grandma Schumann would say! He live for Dinosaurs, lizards and snakes and has not yet convinced me that a gecko would be a great addition to our family! He loves LOVES to read and you will find him in a corner sprawled out somewhere reading... right now he loves the Diary of A wimpy Kid series and will share with whoever will listen funny parts of the books! He is very much into Pokemon cards and will go on and on about them and Ballard and I will pretend to understand what he is talking about when we really have nooooo idea! He loves to play with his cousins and if Kayleb is not at school with him he is devastated and can't hardly stand it he gets a huge kick out of Charity and Tripp and loves the babies as he likes to call them! He has big plans to live in Australia but thinks we will be sad that he has moved so far away and likes to reassure us that we can come visit him anytime we want to! All in all he has been the best nine years of our lives and there is never a dull moment when he is around.... we love you Brody!

so many elk

We have been enjoying watching all the elk that are below the house, there have been around eighty-five head feeding in the bottom fields and across the river in Gulbranson's

Ballard has been busy planning food plots and what he will put in the bottom fields to ensure his luck for next hunting season! I am standing on the deck of our house as I am taking the pictures!